• The article talks about the rise of ChatGPT, an AI-based application, and the potential of blockchain technology for data infrastructure and intelligence.
• It is important to have a robust data infrastructure in order to make meaningful AI applications, which is why decentralized data storage is essential.
• Web3 technologies can be used for areas such as data storage, transfers and intelligence to take advantage of blockchain’s capabilities.

AI Powered by Blockchain

The rise of ChatGPT has been nothing short of spectacular. Within two months of launch, the artificial intelligence (AI)-based application reached 100 million unique users. In January 2023 alone, ChatGPT registered about 590 million visits. In addition to AI, blockchain is another disruptive technology with increasing adoption. Decentralized protocols, applications and business models have matured and gained market traction since the Bitcoin (BTC) white paper was published in 2008. Much needs to be done to advance both of these technologies but the zones of convergence between them will be exciting to watch.

Data Infrastructure Key for AI

Low-quality data stored and shared inefficiently would lead to poor insights from the intelligence layer. As a result, it is critical to look at the data value chain holistically to determine what needs to be done to get high-quality data and AI applications using blockchain.

Web3 & Artificial Intelligence

The key question is how Web3 technologies can tap into artificial intelligence in areas like data storage, data transfers and data intelligence. Each of these capabilities may benefit from decentralized technologies and firms are focusing on delivering them..

Decentralized Data Storage

It helps to understand why decentralized data storage is an essential building block for the future of decentralized AI. As blockchain projects scale, every vector of centralization could come back haunt them – governance breakdowns or regulatory clampdowns being just some examples. Therefore it’s important that storage and processing power for blockchain projects must be decentralized over several nodes instead of relying on centralized systems such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud storage .


Blockchain has emerged as one way in which artificial intelligence can be used more efficiently by leveraging its capabilities in areas such as data storage, transfers and intelligence. Decentralized solutions offer more reliable security than centralized ones while reducing chances of breakdowns or clampdowns due to their distributed nature across multiple nodes instead of relying on single entities like AWS Cloud Storage

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