• Cheds always dreamed of being a trader since his childhood.
  • He was introduced to penny stocks and eventually crypto, growing his portfolio.
  • Despite being diagnosed with cancer, he embraced his identity as a crypto trader and focused on becoming a top-notch technical analyst.

Cheds’ Early Life

Technical analyst Cheds has dreamed of being a trader since his childhood. Despite this, life had other plans and he studied psychology in college before getting some experience in sales and marketing. He was then introduced to penny stocks and started trading marijuana stocks. After experiencing massive losses, he decided to take a break from trading. He eventually accepted the situation and decided to become a well-rounded trader by learning more about technical analysis. This sparked the beginnings of his social media account and blog about technical analysis.

Achieving His Dream

After years of hard work, Cheds was able to earn enough money to quit his day job and realize his dream of trading stocks. Soon after that, he discovered Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) through a friend which led him into the world of crypto trading. He started sharing crypto charts and analysis on social media which quickly grew his audience base.

Facing Cancer Diagnosis

The next challenge for Cheds came when he was diagnosed with cancer. Instead of focusing on sickness all the time, he wanted to focus on becoming an even better technical analyst than before so that is what he did during this tough period in his life.

Finding Success Through Crypto

Despite going through difficult times medically, Cheds kept pushing forward with the help of crypto trading – something that ultimately ended up changing his life for the better because it allowed him to fulfill his childhood dream while also giving him financial stability throughout these tough times.


Cheds’ story is an inspiring one filled with determination despite adversity; it serves as an example that anything can be achieved if you remain focused on your goals no matter how challenging they may seem at first!

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